OPG Morita Veraview IC5 HD Machine

OPG device Morita Veraview IC5 HD

Morita's global success story began in 1916, when Junichi Morita founded Morita Shika Shoten in Nakagyo, Kyoto, Japan. It was based on the desire to improve not only the quality of life of patients, but also the quality of work of doctors and dentists. After only a few years, he decided to change his business from importing medical equipment to product development as well. Morita Group is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the world. As a leading supplier to the dental industry, Morita covers a wide range of products in dentistry including 2D/3D imaging, laser equipment, handpieces, apex finders and dental consumables. Morita today across the continent has 2400 employees. Thanks to a global sales network of authorized dealers and medical professionals, more than 70 countries rely on high-performance products made by Morita.

Panoramic radiography is a technology related to taking photos outside the mouth.

This device has the following features:

For a quick examination and high-speed exposure scan, it takes only 5.5 seconds and therefore emits a very low dose.

A 10-second scan provides an improved resolution of 96 µm for the ultimate high-resolution image.

Class-leading image quality DDAE controls x-ray tube current (mA) simultaneously with detection of x-rays passing through the patient. This improves dynamic range and, combined with automatic exposure (AE), achieves ultra-clear images with the best possible contrast and uniform density. Auto exposure levels can be adjusted to meet your individual needs. The pixel size has been reduced by 25% compared to the previous model, thus producing superior images with higher resolution.

Quick and easy positioning of the patient with the alignment of the triple laser beam integrated with the power-assisted lift, without the need to adjust the voltage and current of the tube.

Power-assisted movement of the motor-assisted lift system with slow start and slow stop functions provides easy and precise height adjustment. Overload detector automatically stops elevation for patient safety.

Triple laser beam for easy positioning Veraview IC5 HD uses three lasers that align the Frankfurt plane, mid-sagittal plane and image layer, making patient positioning very easy.

Fully automatic X-ray loading factor does not require any kV or mA parameter settings for X-ray exposure. Simply select the desired program: Panorama, TMJ or PEDO.

The direct current produces high-energy x-rays for optimal efficiency and safety, thereby reducing soft x-rays absorbed by the human body during exposure. Also, the initial notch of the Veraview IC5 HD is narrower. The image has a wider image layer that provides more detail.

Standard panoramic image programs (OPG 1,3) are clear images with a wide image layer. The thick, specially designed imaging layer accommodates all possible variations in the shapes and sizes of the dental arch to produce extremely sharp and clear images.

Pedodontic panoramic with reduced radiation, for examining children or people with small jaws, the range of rotation of the arm is reduced, thereby further reducing radiation exposure.

TMJ quadruple exposure, for open and closed condyle views, four separate images of the condyle are superimposed on one image. In each case, two sets of rotations for the left and right condylar head for open and closed positions.

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