Medical Printer

Bermedi brand specializes in the purchase and distribution of medical products, with its main focus being the export of medical radiology and medical imaging products and services.

This device is used to print MRI and CT and radiology images on the stereotype and has the following capabilities:

-It has high speed, printing 80 sheets of 43 x 35 cm per hour.

-Ability to use different film sizes (8x10, 10x12, etc.)

-It has two separate drawers for placing two different sizes of film

-Has a resolution of 50 microns (508 DPI)

-Can be used for mammography machine

-High-quality XDI films help produce clear images on the X-DRY laser imager. These films have a neutral color tone that produces images comparable to those produced by wet processing.

-An image processing engine that delivers high-quality images, Bermedi's advanced variable response automatically detects and differentiates between image data and alphanumeric characters, ensuring clear numeric characters even when noisy images require soft interpolation of image data. have. Advantages include easier, faster and more accurate diagnosis.

-The Bermedi X-DRY quality control prints a 24-step grayscale pattern on the film and then measures its density. This feedback system allows for precise and fine image adjustments (automatic film density correction).

-The smooth curve adjustment in the Bermedi X-DRY not only provides the most suitable image colors for modalities such as CT and MRI, but also allows to best match tones to the diagnostic needs of patients. It also has information on a wide range of modalities from different manufacturers to provide precise matching of image tone to a specific modality.

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